About the Lab

    Direct Laser-Write 3D Printing・Ultrafast Laser Machining・Bioelectronic Medicine・Brain Machine Interfaces・Sensory-Motor Learning・Reinforcement Learning・Vocal Learning・Songbirds

    The Gardner lab is focused on engineering methods for micron-resolution 3D printing and laser microfabrication. We apply this technology within the lab to make biomedical implants that interface with the brain, peripheral nervous system, and other organs.
    A branch of the lab is focused on basic research in systems neuroscience and vocal learning in songbirds in particular. This work is focused on establishing stable long-term interfaces with the brain through electrophysiology and cellular scale imaging. Once stable interfaces are established, we ask how reinforcement learning is implemented in the brain, and how biological systems self-organize and perform robustly in the face of noise or error-prone components. As part of this effort, the lab is developing signal processing methods for high-resolution time-frequency analysis, and applying deep learning methods to analyze vocal behavior and neural signaling in relation to behavior.